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Compressed T shirt

"Lowest Prices Guaranteed" SUPER SALE

No Additional Running Charge Up to 12 Colors!

 SKU Number:
 Material: 100% Cotton. High Quality
Production Time: 12-15 Business Days.
(Not including art prep or shipping time)
Rush orders possible upon request.
 Specs: Short Sleeve 5.6 oz. S-XL. 100 Cotton Hanes, F.O.L., Guildan or Delta. Based on availability in stock. Larger sizes and long sleeve available
Imprint Area:
Front or Back: Maximum 13" Wide X 17" High
Sleeve: Maximum 3.5" Wide X 2" High
Left Chest: 4" Wide
Note: If specific size is desired, please request it in the comments of the order.
Colors Available: Indicated on order form below
Setup Charge: $40.00 per color
Special Discounts: Buyer will also receive an automatic vacation prize package.
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Min. $500 Order  -  Click here for details
Easy and Safe Order Process:
1) Follow the shopping cart, sending all pertinent info
2) Shopping cart will assign you a workorder number and tell you where to send your graphic (or we can provide graphics for you!
3) We will contact you with an issues.. and/or email you a proof and final totals with shipping within 1 business day. Please watch for the proof!
4) Your order goes into production !

Net Price Each

144+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 3000+ 9000+








Secure Order Form
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Weight/Thickness of Shirt :
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2nd Imprint Color:
3rd Imprint Color :
4th Imprint Color :

Imprint Locations:
Color Insert Card or Packaging:
Quantity Small:
Quantity Medium:
Quantity Large:
Quantity XL:
Quantity XXL:
(1.65 each will be added to total shown)
Quantity XXL:
(2.20 each will be added to total shown)
Production Time:
In-Hands Deadline:

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